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Physics 331: Junior Physics Lab I


Course Outline

Analog circuitry: basic amplifier circuits, op-amps for gain, filters and oscillators

Digital circuitry: TTL logic gates, flip-flops and counters, A/D and D/A examples, optical data receiver example

Noise reduction techniques: digital signal averaging, lock-in detection

Counting statistics: scintillation counting system, statistical properties of radiation

Data analysis and presentation: statistical error analysis, error propagation, graphing conventions



Self-scheduled laboratory sessions

Informal reports on circuitry and noise (20% each)

Formal report on counting (25%)

Problem set on data (15%)

Text: Bevington and Robinson, Data Reduction and Error Analysis

Laboratory directions for each exercise.

Extensive topical notes on course web page.


All information is representative only, and is likely to change from year to year.