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Physics 480: Introduction To Plasma Physics


Course Outline

Basics: Definition and classification of plasmas, the n-T diagram, electron plasma frequency, Debye length, electrostatic plasma waves, coulomb collisions

Motion of a charged particle: Uniform magnetic field, uniform magnetic field with non-magnetic forces, guiding center motion in nonuniform magnetic fields

Dielectric description: General properties, waves in cold unmagnetized plasma, dielectric tensor and waves in cold magnetized plasma

Magnetohydrodynamic description: MHD equations, general properties, MHD equilibrium, MHD waves, MHD stability, MHD shocks

Kinetic description: Vlasov equation, connections to fluid theories, Vlasov theory of electrostatic plasma waves, Landau damping, Fokker-Planck equation, binary Coulomb collisions



Lectures T Th 10:50 - 12:05 PM

Homework (40%)

Term exam (20%)

Presentation (10%)

Final exam (30%)

Text: R. O. Dendy, Plasma Dynamics


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