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Physics 526: Statistical Physics


Course Outline

Thermostatics: Review of thermodynamics (less than a week)

Statistical entropy and Boltzmann distribution: Principle of statistical mechanics, principles of ensemble theories, equivalence of different ensemble methods

Ensemble Methods: Applications

Quantum Gases: Fermi gases, electrons in magnetic field, quantum Hall effect, Bose-Einstein condensation, gases in atomic traps

Critical Phenomena: Ising Model, Landau Theory, scaling hypothesis and scaling law, renormalization group theory


Typical Organization

Lectures M W F 10:00 - 10:50 AM

Homework (50%)

Pledged homework (20%)

Final exam (30%)

Text: M. Le Bellac, F. Mortessagne and G. G.Batrouni, Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical thermodynamics


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