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Physics 543: Physics Of Quarks And Leptons


Course Outline

Symmetries: SU(2) isospin, SU(3) color, SU(3) isospin x strangeness

Quarks: Mesons, baryons, magnetic moments, heavy quarks

Antiparticles: Klein-Gordon equation, perturbation theory, Feynman approach

Electrodynamics of spinless particles: Cross sections, decay rates, invariants

Dirac equation: Review of Dirac algebra in covariant form

Electrodynamics of spin-1/2 particles:

Electron-electron, electron-muon,electron-positron collisions, helicity conservation, propagators,parton model kinematics, Feynman rules for QED

Renormalization: brief discussion

Hadron structure: Partons, Bjorken scaling in deep inelastic scattering, structure functions of quarks and gluons

Electron-positron annihilation and quantum chromodynamics: Fragmentation, three jet events, perturbative QCD

Weak Interactions: Parity violation, beta decay, muon and pion decays, neutrino scattering, neutral currents, weak mixing angles, CKM matrix

Electroweak Interaction: Electron-positron annihilation at the Z Mass, electroweak interference

Gauge Invariance: Abelian and non-Abelian, massive bosons, broken gauge symmetry, spontaneously broken symmetry, Higgs mechanism

Standard Model: The Lagrangian: Higgs Field, renormalizability, unification with QCD? higher symmetries?



Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-2:40pm in HBH 223

Homework (50%)

Recitation of text material (50%)

Text: F. Halzen and A. Martin, Quarks and Leptons


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