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Collective long-range correlations in proton-proton and proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC with CMS detector

Thesis Defense

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Cosponsor: Physics & Astronomy

By: Zhenyu Chen
Doctoral Candidate
When: Monday, April 24, 2017
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Where: 223 Herman Brown Hall
Abstract: Measurements of two--particle angular correlations of inclusive charged particles as well as identified strange hadron in pp and pPb collisions are presented over a wide range in pseudorapidity and full azimuth. The data were collected using the CMS detector at the LHC, with nucleon-nucleon center-of-mass energy of 5.02 TeV for pPb collision and 5, 7, 13 TeV for pp collision. The results are compared to semi-peripheral PbPb collision data at center-of-mass energy of 2.76 TeV, covering similar charged-particle multiplicities in the events. The observed azimuthal correlations at large relative pseudorapidity are used to extract the second-order and third-order anisotropy harmonics as function of the charged-particle multiplicity in the event and the transverse momentum (\pt) of the particles.