Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

Campus Wide Resources

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • https://dei.rice.edu
  • Provides support and guidance to all areas of campus life to cultivate a diverse community of learning and discovery at Rice University.
  • Facilitates initiatives and programs that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and academic achievement.
  • Key Personnel: Alexander Byrd (Vice Provost), Brittany Robertson (Associate Director, DEI for Undergraduate Programs)
  • Email: dei@rice.edu
  • Report a bias incident: https://dei.rice.edu/report-bias
Student Success Initiatives (SSI)
  • https://success.rice.edu
  • Support and advising for Rice undergraduate students aimed at facilitating transition, retention and graduation.
  • Offers advising geared towards helping students with time management, learning to engage with faculty, and developing interpersonal relationships.
  • Coordinates with other student support resources.
  • The Physics & Astronomy Department has established connections with SSI leadership.
  • Key Personnel: Shelah Craer (Associate Dean), Araceli Lopez (Executive Director)
  • Email: success@rice.edu
Rice Emerging Scholars Program (RESP)
  • https://success.rice.edu/rice-emerging-scholars
  • A residential academic program to help first-year students prepare for the challenges of STEM programs at Rice.
  • The program targets first-generation, low-income and minority students.
  • A summer bridge program is offered to the cohort of students. In the program they come to Rice and go through several mini-courses designed to help prepare them for the intro STEM courses at Rice. Financial support is provided for this bridge program.
  • Students are also provided with mentoring and support for the entirety of their time at Rice.
  • The Rice Physics & Astronomy Department has recently introduced a program that works alongside RESP to provide additional support to the RESP cohort (first-generation, low-income and minority students) during the introductory physics sequence.
  • Key Personnel: Jorge Gómez Fernández, Victor Castillo, and Jessica Ramirez (Assistant Directors)
  • Email: success@rice.edu
Drop-In Study Tutoring Center
  • A university-wide center that offers peer tutoring for undergraduate students in a variety of math and science courses.
  • Located in the O'Connor Building for Engineering Sciences, Room 132
  • The schedule can be found at https://osei.rice.edu/drop-study
  • Email: dropinstudy@rice.edu
Rice Office of STEM Engagement (R-STEM)
  • https://research.rice.edu/rstem/
  • R-STEM is centered around STEM-related outreach and education efforts at Rice and in the Houston community.
  • Events for K-12 students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and educators.
  • Key Personnel: Carolyn Nichol (Director)
  • Email: stem@rice.edu
The Tapia Center for Excellence and Equity in Education
  • https://tapiacenter.rice.edu
  • Center holds Tapia Camps for both K-12 students and educators.
  • Focuses on empowering underrepresented students who are passionate about their education.
  • Key Personnel: Richard Tapia, Linda Torres (Center Administrator)
  • Email: tapiacenter@rice.edu
The Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Multicultural Center (MCC)
  • https://mcc.rice.edu
  • Dedicated to ensuring that all students are able to succeed in an environment where they feel safe, comfortable and accepted.
  • Provides counseling, facilitating student concerns or complaints, and support for multicultural student organizations.
  • MCC: Run by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the MCC provides a dedicated space where a diverse array of the Rice community can collaborate on diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives.
  • The School of Natural Sciences recently held a dinner event at the MCC wherein instructors from the intro science courses were able to sit around chatting with students in an informal setting.
  • Key Personnel: Catherine E. Clack (Director)
  • Email: mino@rice.edu
Title IX Office
  • https://titleix.rice.edu
  • Handles all incidents and claims of sexual discrimination, including sexual harassment in all programs and activities, academic and extracurricular, at Rice University.
  • Key Personnel: Ken Liddle (Chief Compliance Office), Richard Baker (Title IX Coordinator)
  • Email: titleix@rice.edu
  • Reporting misconduct: https://aeeo.rice.edu/get-help
Mental Health and Wellness Counseling Office
  • https://wellbeing.rice.edu
  • The counseling office provides short and long term counseling provided by psychologists and social workers to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • The student wellbeing office serves as a prevention program that helps students manage mental health issues (like stress management) to avoid crises etc.
  • Counseling and wellbeing services are advertised to all students as a safe, inclusive resource that can help students navigate challenging coursework and other academic/social stressors.
  • Key Personnel: Timothy Baumgartner (Counseling Director), Agnes Oi Yee Ho (Wellbeing Director)
  • Email: wellbeing@rice.edu
  • Call 713-348-3311, M-F, 9 AM - 5 PM to schedule an appointment or receive more information about services offered.
  • The above number can also be called 24/7 for urgent concerns. For emergencies on-campus, contact RUPD/REMS at 713-348-6000 (24/7) or if off-campus, contact 911.
  • Ombudspersons resolve personal or academic conflicts and issues, while serving as a neutral party.
  • Ombudspersons can direct students to resources and propose options to address a concern.
  • Ombudspersons are available to students in the Physics & Astronomy department and the School of Natural Sciences.
  • We have a department ombudsperson, Professor David Alexander.
  • Key Personnel: David Alexander (Physics & Department Ombudsperson), Lauren Kapcha (School of Natural Sciences Ombudsperson)

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Association (PAGSA)
  • PAGSA strives to fulfill the following purposes: plan events to foster community among the graduate students in Physics and Astronomy
  • Events include holiday parties (Christmas party, Sausage/Fall Fest), casual social events (monthly happy hour), journal clubs (weekly), Astronomy journal club (bi monthly), Ombudsperson meet, peer-to-peer mentoring events and serve as representatives of the student body to the Physics and Astronomy department and ensure effective communication between the students and department.
  • Key Personnel: Ivy Li (President), Nicholas Proietti (Vice President), Haotian Wei (Treasurer), Nina Inman (Secretary), Ananya Biswas (P&A DEI Committee Rep), Daniel Torres (International Student Engagement Officer), Karthik Rao (P&A Dept. Grad. Program Committee Rep, Sayak Guha Roy (GSA Rep), Shixiao Liang (Professional Development Officer), Max Hall-Brown (Physics Journal Club Coordinator), Toni Panzera (Astronomy Journal Club Coordinator), PAGSA At-Large Member(s) : Aashish Kafle, MacKenzie Warrens
  • Email: pagsa-officers@rice.edu
Women in Physics
  • Student-led organization that aims to provide a network of support and resources for female undergraduate and graduate students in the P&A department and Applied Physics program.
  • Previously WiP had more than one official personnel and used to host social gatherings like snack and drink/ board game night in a casual setting, which got affected during COVID times. These events used to be in WiP members’ homes or sometimes in Grad commons. Panel discussion organized before (talk form) on ‘how to negotiate salary’.
  • Key Personnel: Kelly Neubauer (President) kjn3@rice.edu, Ming Yi (Former official personnel) my32@rice.edu
American Physical Society (APS) chapter PAGSA
  • The APS Chapter at P&A Rice U has advanced additional efforts by hosting annual leadership meetings, meet-and-greets with professors, and taking active part in APS career fairs. APS chapter already existed before for P&A professors, this year an additional chapter opened in PAGSA as well for channeling the resources to graduate students. Chapter members are part of APS Bridge Program students, including APS Congressional Visits Day and APS March Meeting 2023. All PAGSA personnels are part of APS PAGSA chapter.
  • Key Personnel:Nina Inman, Haotian Wei, Max Hall-Brown
  • Email: pagsa-officers@rice.edu
Reach for the Stars! STEM Festival
  • Every year, the Physics and Astronomy Department at Rice, The Rice Space Institute and the Ride Family Foundation organize a STEM festival which is attended by middle school girls. Typically, the festival includes a street fair, an inspiring talk by a woman astronaut, and roughly thirty women-led science and engineering workshops.
  • Key Personnel: Patricia Reiff, reiff@rice.edu
Society of Physics & Astronomy Students (SPAS)
  • Undergraduate organization that aims to connect the Physics & Astronomy community at Rice.
  • Holds events like faculty lab tours, guest speaker lectures, socials, and a graduate student mentorship program.
  • Website: >https://spas.rice.edu/
The Society of Women in Space Exploration (SWISE)
  • The Students for the Exploration of Space (SEDS) program has a Rice Chapter of SWISE that aims to provide a platform to women and other diversities in STEM to talk and discuss current trends, issues and be able to have open conversations about career paths.
  • Key Personnel: Katie Hart (President)
Women in STEM
  • Student-led undergraduate organization for women in STEM across all fields.
  • Hold networking events at Rice, interview workshops, study breaks, mentorship programs for high school students, and other outreach projects.
  • Key Personnel: Nikitha Kota (President)
Rice Physics Outreach Program (RicePOP)
  • Program designed to get Rice undergraduates involved in science outreach activities both on campus and in the surrounding community.
  • Key Personnel: Michael Cone, Robert Beaird, Julie Hoeink, Melia Bonomo
  • Email: ricepop@rice.edu

Residential College Level

PAA (Peer Academic Advisors)
  • Undergraduate student advisors for all major introductory courses and course schedule planning.
  • Advisors for PHYS 101, 102, 111, 112, 125, 126 in all residential colleges.
Divisional Advisors
  • Each college has at least one Divisional Advisor in the School of Natural Sciences.
  • Divisional Advisors help with course planning, major requirements, etc.

RicePOP outreach
Ming Yi Presentation
Rice Observatory'
Physics lab