Transfer Credit


Obtaining transfer credit in Physics and Astronomy:

Approval of transfer credit is always done on a case by case basis, but we can provide some guidelines that may help speed the procedure. In all cases, we need to know where the course was given, how many hours it met, what textbook was used, and a copy of the syllabus.

Equivalence with a Physics and Astronomy course depends primarily on the level of instruction and content of the course. Usually, but not always, we can determine equivalence based on the textbook used, the syllabus, and other online materials. The course would normally be taken at an accredited institution which offers an undergraduate BA/BS degree in physics and/or astronomy on that campus. In some cases (in particular for Distribution III credit) we may also require copies of exams and graded homework to evaluate.

For PHYS 101/102 and PHYS 125/126 students must take calculus-based courses with labs that cover essentially the same material as PHYS 101/102 or PHYS 125/126. It is important to note that many “pre-med” physics courses at other institutions do not use calculus and as a result will not qualify for transfer credit.

Physics: transfer credit approved by Stan Dodds.

Astronomy and Astrophysics: transfer credit approved by Patrick Hartigan.